Team Win strives to provide a quality product.  However, it is your decision to install our software on your device.  Team Win takes no responsibility for any damage that may occur from installing or using TWRP.


Support Status: Current

Maintainer: Dees_Troy

Code Name: acclaim

Device Tree / files

Support thread on xda-developers

App Install Method (Requires Root):

Download the Official TWRP App (root required):

Install the app and open it. Agree to the Terms. Select TWRP Flash. Select your device from the device list (acclaim) and choose a version. The file will download to your Downloads folder. Browse to and select the file. Tap on Flash to Recovery. Find out more about the app here.

Download Links:

Current and past versions of TWRP can be found at one of the mirrors below:

TWRP Install (Requires TWRP 2.8.4 or higher already installed):

Download the latest TWRP image file (.img) from the download link and boot TWRP. Go to install and find and select the Images... button. Browse to the image that you downloaded and select it. Choose recovery and swipe to flash.

dd Install Method (Requires Root):

Download the latest image file (.img) from the download link above. Place it in the root of your /sdcard folder and rename it to twrp.img. Run the following commands via adb shell or a terminal emulator app:


dd if=/sdcard/twrp.img of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p3

Bootable SD Card (No Root Required):

If you prefer not to modify any of the stock software, you can create a proper bootable sdcard for your device and copy the acclaim-sdcard file to the root of the sdcard and rename it to recovery.img and/or altboot.img and boot TWRP using the cyanoboot menu from your sdcard.


  • Dees_Troy
    Prebuilt kernel for faster build times Change-Id: I249c7d1c5dcc9f4bd922a004af599018dbd39a28

  • Dees_Troy
    Updates for TWRP Change-Id: Ic199397efa181804242f24387f354ce2f298acb9

  • chrmhoffmann
    cm-10.1 review: setpropex as binary blob

  • chrmhoffmann
    cm-10.1: make fix- scripts executable

  • chrmhoffmann
    cm-10.1 review: add setpropex as bin blob