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Support Status: Current

Maintainer: None

Code Name: togari

Device Tree / files

Notes About Sony Devices:

The Xperia devices have a recovery-in-boot arrangement. This means that the recovery is booted using the regular kernel / boot image in the device. Team Win has worked with the FreeXperia device maintainers to come up with a way to extract the ramdisk from the FOTAKernel partition and use the ramdisk from that partition instead of the recovery that is included in the boot image of your device. This means that if you install current CM nightlies and flash TWRP to the FOTAKernel partition, you will be able to use TWRP instead of the CWM or CM recovery that normally comes in a CM boot image. Other boot images including stock kernels can be repacked to include this extraction utility to allow you to use TWRP from the FOTAKernel partition. This setup allows you to choose what recovery you want to have installed and allows you to update your recovery more easily.  Unfortunately this setup requires that the boot image that you have installed include the ramdisk extraction utility.  The source for this utility is here:


This utility is designed to work in conjunction with the current methods that most AOSP ROMs use for the ramdisk and can also be used on stock kernels. This setup means that you must have a kernel or boot image installed that will use the FOTAKernel method. Most AOSP based ROMs like OmniROM or CyanogenMod will support this method. Some stock kernels may also support the FOTAKernel method.

What does all this mean? It means that TWRP may not work on your device unless you install other custom software as well. Check with your ROM developer to see what they support.

App Install Method (Requires Root):

Download the TWRP Manager app:

Install the app and open it.  Tap on Install TWRP. Select your device from the device list (togari) and then tap on Install Recovery. The file will download and be installed automatically.

Download Links:

Current and past versions of TWRP can be found at one of the mirrors below:

TWRP Install (Requires TWRP 2.8.4 or higher already installed):

Download the latest TWRP image file (.img) from the download link and boot TWRP. Go to install and find and select the Images... button. Browse to the image that you downloaded and select it. Choose recovery and swipe to flash.

dd Install Method (Requires Root):

Download the latest image file (.img) from the download link above. Place it in the root of your /sdcard folder and rename it to twrp.img. Run the following commands via adb shell or a terminal emulator app:


dd if=/sdcard/twrp.img of=/dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/FOTAKernel


  • Dees Troy
    2015-06-06 13:55:21 +0000

  • Chirayu Desai
    2014-03-03 19:36:50 +0530
    Fix uneven spacing of navigation bar buttons * Add two dummy views to the left and right corners to bring the buttons nearer to the center * This makes it easier to hit the back and recents key, and makes it identical to what the Sony firmware has. It's the litte things that matter :) Change-Id: I180ed2cf1370139f0bbadad963881b20f269e76d

  • Chirayu Desai
    2014-02-04 14:14:27 +0530
    Use "include" instead of "-include" wherever appropriate * When using "-include", make ignores a makefile which does not exist, with no error message. * Use "include" for all makefiles which are essential for a working build. Change-Id: Ic00ba2e9246da3ec47102f79b9c2725ed155b4cf

  • Chirayu Desai
    2014-02-01 16:25:42 +0530
    Remove Trebuchet overlay This reverts commit 83582bd497892fe12b1f1d07d0950d751350cd9d. Change-Id: I73f61dbdec039cf20f8da9cddb73f406b78c18d4

  • Giulio Cervera
    2014-01-08 01:48:48 +0100
    togari: update bt bluild cfg commit 4980a0f04ec432c897f1e019af20bcdbf26eb4b0 Author: Satish kumar sugasi Date: Mon Dec 9 13:27:44 2013 -0800 Bluetooth: Enable config to skip read remote device features This avoids sending read remote device features which cause encryption failure with few remote devices. CRs-Fixed: 590293 Change-Id: I8b5fd9f1dda1fa11b74953825a3ccbdc0e709511 commit d521f4b2cd7c3254f2d27ceb69ca4de0387b2933 Author: Nitin Arora Date: Fri Dec 6 17:12:23 2013 -0800 Bluetooth: Enable macro to skip conn update at conn complete The patch enables the macro in order to skip the connection param update at the conn complete event since it interferes with the link encryption Change-Id: I344bf70814919caf95bc359a5155564b1b14b978 CRs-Fixed: 585765 commit ee8505638cdc02afe7a017c307f08ebb068ca5f2 Author: Satish kumar sugasi Date: Mon Oct 28 12:51:46 2013 -0700 Bluetooth: Add Interleave scan feature Add Interleave Bluetooth scan feature so that both Bluetooth classic and LE devices can be discovered Change-Id: I3c4672d3758ef2ae7a093cd6f121db28ea1672ce CRs-Fixed: 567862 commit 747bdcfca558efae21de9b4231402702d14ce047 Author: Pradeep Panigrahi Date: Thu Jul 18 01:31:29 2013 +0530 Bluetooth: Number of L2CAP channel supported is increased. Max no of L2cap channels supported increased to 14 from 10 to accomodate 7 ACL connections. CRs-fixed: 463304 Change-Id: Id05dae20777bacdb8d0030518d38471e7201db6c Change-Id: I3e3c59d4db8c1951873494fc0ff03d8d4cc33750