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Support Status: Unmaintained

Maintainer: Unmaintained

Code Name: hotdogb

Device Tree / files

Support thread on xda-developers

This device uses Dynamic Partitions

This means that TWRP will not allow modifications to any of the partitions that make up the Super partition on the stock ROM. All backups and restores will include the full Super partition rather than the individual dynamic partitions.

In order to flash the individual partitions, you will have to boot into fastbootd.

Download Links:

For Stock(OOS) and other FBEv1 ROMs:

For custom ROMs using FBEv2:


  • systemad
    Add metadata to recovery.fstab

  • systemad
    New usb config file

  • systemad
    Various updates - add logical flag for TWRP to parse dynamic partitions - start boot-hal-1-0 on postfs for decryption - blank screen on boot

  • systemad
    OOS Decryption working USB Config taken from theincognito-inc and bigbiff.

  • systemad
    init.recovery.qcom.rc: fix typo