Team Win strives to provide a quality product.  However, it is your decision to install our software on your device.  Team Win takes no responsibility for any damage that may occur from installing or using TWRP.


Support Status: Current

Maintainer: Nebrassy

Code Name: lemonadep

Device Tree / files

Support thread on xda-developers

This device uses Dynamic Partitions

This means that TWRP will not allow modifications to any of the partitions that make up the Super partition on the stock ROM. All backups and restores will include the full Super partition rather than the individual dynamic partitions.

In order to flash the individual partitions, you will have to boot into fastbootd.

Download Links:

Current and past versions of TWRP can be found at one of the mirrors below:


WARNING: If you accidently flash TWRP to your device using fastboot instead of temporarily booting the image, you will need to download the latest factory image for your device and reflash the boot image.

You will need the platform-tools from the Android SDK on your computer. Download the platform-tools as per your operating system.

Windows users will need proper drivers installed on their computer. You can try the simple FWUL adb/fastboot ISO or the Naked ADB drivers or the Universal ADB drivers if you don’t already have a working driver installed

Download the correct image file and copy the file into the same folder as your platform-tools as well as device’s storage. Rename the image to twrp.img.

Now reboot to fastboot/download/bootloader mode by using adb or manual key combos (Use Google to find that if you are not sure). To use adb to reboot, use the following command:

adb reboot bootloader

Temporary boot the downloaded image using the following command:

fastboot boot twrp.img

Preferred Installation Method: Once booted, navigate to the Advanced > Flash Current TWRP option. This will install the TWRP image you just booted permanently to the device.

Alternate Installation Method: Once booted, navigate to the Advanced > Install Recovery Ramdisk option. This will ask you to select the image you want to install TWRP from. Select the TWRP image you just downloaded and copied into device storage. Proceed to install this image.

NOTE: You also need to use the “Fix Recovery Bootloop” option present in the same Advanced Tab. Use that option after you have installed the recovery ramdisk successfully to avoid boot loops happening from installing TWRP Permanently.

After this is done, you have successfully installed TWRP on your device.


  • Nebrassy
    Merge "lemonadep: Fix battery and USB OTG detection" into android-11

  • Adithya R
    lemonadep: Fix battery and USB OTG detection * in lahaina (msm-5.4) pmic driver now lies in adsp [1], so adsp firmware must to be loaded along with qti battery/ charger kernel module, in order to get battery and usb power_supply up & running * with this, we dont need to set usb mode to peripheral explicitly either [1]: https://source.codeaurora.org/quic/la/device/qcom/common/commit/rootdir/etc/init.recovery.qcom.rc?h=LA.UM.9.14.r1-18600-LAHAINA.0&id=4e2b0f663a8f4b73000c81999055363411aaf12c Change-Id: I3cbdca007837111e2daaac0500135d759978a73c

  • nebrassy
    update dependencies for new roomservice Change-Id: I7df0d586bc5916a42a646e84c03ee0ec44556835

  • nebrassy
    add dtbo and vendor_boot to fstab Change-Id: I085861615dcbb4138e4ebfbcdd31ea95ed6836f0

  • Jeferson
    update PLATFORM_VERSION and add PLATFORM_VERSION_LAST_STABLE Change-Id: I1964c6dfad80403f6fd741da804473ce5f271bdc