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Support Status: No Longer Updated

Maintainer: None

Code Name: epicmtd

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Current and past versions of TWRP can be found at one of the mirrors below:


This will only work with AOSP based ROMs. It will not work with stock-based Samsung ROMs.

Download the zip and flash in recovery just like you would flash a ROM.


  • bigbiff
    initial push to github Change-Id: I7f3c04dc710088b801bde6baa545de552bc72df0

  • Will Keaney
    Update for releasetools change. Change-Id: Iba3a32a3bc1aa04358c6b1ab72805abe4aeec5e4

  • Donovan Bartish
    Stock handling of sym/.com key sym key does stock symbol character picker Fn+sym (.com) does www if no text entered yet, or .com if text is already entered. Fn+COMMA = TAB (\t) Fn+1 = ` (backtick) Required gerrit review has now passed: http://review.cyanogenmod.com/#/c/18381/ Change-Id: I95bc5135f8483ee128b9240bd574a41872618e12

  • Chirayu Desai
    build libsensors only if target device is epicmtd Change-Id: I7108420e36ea3631fb86076f41141a8c2a06bf4f

  • Will Keaney
    Avoid conflicts with other s5pc110 devices' OMX libs. Change-Id: I7d36a0f6d68a156d0dd3159c843e1dae5e775996