TWRP 3.5.0 is out now for most currently supported devices.

For this release we are breaking down new support for devices based on android trees and device compatibility. For Pie and earlier devices, they will be built out of the android-9.0 branch. For devices that are released with Android Version 10, they will be supported under the android-10 branch.

The separation became apparent when a lot of functionality was dropped in the android-10 release last year. The devices that are supported in Android 10 are from the tireless support of the following individuals over this period:

  • CaptainThrowback
  • Mauronofrio
  • AndroiableDroid
  • Noah Jacobson

You will notice a new version scheme. Devices that are built in the android-9 tree will be suffixed with 3.5.0_9. Devices built in the android-10 tree will be suffixed with 10 like 3.5.0_10. Each device tree update will have a final suffix for any updates made for the device like 3.5.0_10-1.

And finally myself, bigbiff has put in a lot of work over the past year while Dees_Troy is able to get back to helping us again with the Android-11 release. I have started a bringup for an Android-11 merge, and will be working on the Pixel 5 bringup. I hope the progression is shorter in 2021.

You can see the device builds under their respective Jenkins view at

What’s new in 3.5.0:

Android 9

  • Fix building in android-5.1 trees - CaptainThrowback
  • New QTI Haptics Support - AndroiableDroid
  • New TSPDriver Haptics Support - LameMonster82
  • Selinux restore issues - AndroiableDroid
  • OEM build fixes - Fighter19
  • More file extension support in Gui file selector - Mauronofrio
  • FBE Fixes - CaptainThrowback
  • Ozip Decryption - Mauronofrio
  • Don’t use persist for recovery logs - bigbiff
  • Delay touch startup if necessary - bigbiff
  • Spanish translation Updates - R0rt1z2
  • Fix cache wiping on Slot A only devices - AndroiableDroid
  • Exclude dumpsys directory from backups - DarthJabba9
  • Gerrman translation Updates - 4ndyZ
  • HW Rotation during runtime (does not affect touch panel) - webgeek1234
  • API 24 fixes - AndroiableDroid
  • vold_decrypt error on unmount - CaptainThrowback
  • Multiuser - warn when users are not decrypted - noahajac
  • FDE encryption fixes - CaptainThrowback
  • Crypto state fixes - nebrassy
  • Chinese translation Updates - Whyle
  • Theme updates to match android-10 release: CaptainThrowback
  • Move TWRP App install to Advanced page - Dees_Troy
  • Update Russian Translation - f2065

Android 10

There have been so many changes to bring up Android-10. You can see the list of updates at Github

All the above Android-9 updates are included in these supported devices.

Notable mentions:

  • Omni 10 minimal support: CaptainThrowback
  • General Bringup: Bigbiff, Mauronofrio, AndroiableDroid, CaptainThrowback, ianmacd, DarthJabba9
  • Encryption support: Bigbiff, Mauronofrio, CaptainThrowback
  • Fastbootd support: Bigbiff
  • Install Support: Bigbiff, CaptainThrowback
  • Magisk Support: Bigbiff
  • Backuptool Support: Chaosmaster
  • Apex support: Bigbiff
  • Dynamic Partition Support: Bigbiff

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We need your help! The bulk of TWRP work is done by a handful of people on a volunteer basis. We have pushed most of our device files to our github and we have a gerrit instance. If you have the ability, please help us maintain our official devices and/or add your device to our official device list. Thanks in advance!

Head over to the devices page to find install instructions and download links.