TWRP 3.6.0 is out now for most currently supported devices.

First of all, thanks to all the maintainers and your continued support. Without you guys TWRP would not exist as it does now. We would like to apologize for the length of time it took for the Android 11 release. It took us over a year to support all the new features.

This release has feature updates for Android 9 based devices compiled for TWRP and up to date support for Android 11. Devices compiled under the android-10 branch now have been moved to the android-11 branch for up to date support.

We hope the feature updates for Android 11 will quicken the release process for Android 12. You can follow our status on Zulip

You can see the device builds under their respective Jenkins view.

What’s new in 3.6.0:

Android 9 Branch:

  • Fixes
    • SAR Update script name for clarity - CaptainThrowback
    • Fix building toolbox in android-7.1 - CaptainThrowback
    • Fix bash - Jarl-Penguin

Android 11 Branch:

  • Add support for installation realme/OPPO OTA - Ctapchuk
  • update custom makefiles to golang modules - bigbiff
  • sepolicy updates - nebrassy, bigbiff, CaptainThrowback
  • encryption updates for a11 - bigbiff, micky387, CaptainThrowback
  • vendor kernel module loader - bigbiff
  • virtual A/B updates - bigbiff
  • snapshot merges - bigbiff
  • repacker warnings - CaptainThrowback
  • f2fs formatting fixes - systemad
  • symlink dynamic partitions in bootdevice - Mohd Faraz
  • Fixes
    • Fix parsing get_args for wiping cache
    • vendor hal fixes - Mohd Faraz
    • fix samsung haptics - soulr344
    • digest check fixes - epicX
    • ozip decrypt fixes - Ctapchuk
    • Change how blank screen works - Sean hoyt

Android 9 and Android 11 Branches:

  • add num template for PIN input - CaptainThrowback
  • Ignore A12 XML files binary format - zhenyolka
  • Add support of A12 keymaster_key_blob files structure - zhenyolka
  • keymaster restore: warn when pin, password or pattern is enabled - bigbiff
  • New flashing method for recovery as boot devices: Advanced > flash current twrp - nebrassy
  • factory wipe and mtp fixes - CaptainThrowback
  • add indonesian language - Xdisk
  • update Russian language - Ctapchuk
  • add canceldecrypt page - CaptainThrowback
  • copy logcat when copying logs in TWRP - CaptainThrowback
  • Fixes
    • FBE Encryption fixes - CaptainThrowback
    • repacker fixes for compression - nebrassy
    • exclusion criteria for Fix Recovery Bootloop - CaptainThrowback
    • unmount vendor if not available - LinkBoi00
    • theme updates - LinkBoi00

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We need your help! The bulk of TWRP work is done by a handful of people on a volunteer basis. We have pushed most of our device files to our github and we have a gerrit instance. If you have the ability, please help us maintain our official devices and/or add your device to our official device list. Thanks in advance!

Head over to the devices page to find install instructions and download links.