TWRP 3.7.1 is out now for most currently supported devices.

I continue my thanks to all the maintainers and your support.

This release is a major release for Android 12. Please see the list below for details.

You can follow our status on Zulip

You can see the device builds under their respective Jenkins view.

What’s new in 3.7.1:

Android 12.1 Devices (A12.1 and up)

  • Add lpdump library - bigbiff
  • Update Czech translation - kacskrz
  • Support QTI Vibrator updates - sekaiacg
  • Support boot-hal-1.2 - CaptainThrowback
  • Allow device disablement of Flash Current TWRP - CaptainThrowback
  • Fix custom theme placement when changing TWRP backups folder - faoliveira78
  • Use /data/recovery for settings - AndroiableDroid
  • Ignore non-existing logical partitions from fstab - AndroiableDroid
  • Fix custom theme after changing TWRP backups folder on unencrypted devices - faoliveira78
  • libtar tagging for logging - AndroiableDroid
  • dynamically choose fscrypt policy without setting Board - AndroiableDroid
  • Set property after super partitions are created - CaptainThrowback
  • Remove deprecated vold code - CaptainThrowback
  • Prepare data/media early for devices who need it before decryption - DarthJabba9
  • Exclude package restrictions from backup - DarthJabba9
  • Support F2FS Compression - DarthJabba9
  • Fix default LUN for USB Storage - DarthJabba9
  • Fix default context for TWRP storage - nilz3000
  • Remove htcdumlock - DarthJabba9
  • Add POSIXAsyncIO to MTP Server - sekaiacg
  • MTP Security Fix - James Wei
  • Fix POSIX return values in MTP - chih-hung
  • Cancel events in MTP correctly - Ray Chi
  • Load kernel modules before GUI loads - AndroiableDroid
  • Add AIDL v2 Vibrator interface - Woomymy
  • Mount vendor_dlkm dynamic partition - micky387
  • Exclude gsi from backup - me-cafebabe
  • Update default values for partition info - me-cafebabe
  • Fix recovery settings for custom themes - faoliveira78
  • Ignore files without a fscrypt policy when backing up - bigbiff
  • Fix fastboot mode processing - micky387
  • Don’t setup vendor_dlkm unless device has partition - micky387
  • Update TWRP property for fastboot to not override android - CaptainThrowback
  • Allow configuration of framerate - dereference23
  • Exclude GKI kernel modules from loading on init - CaptainThrowback
  • Fix ABGR minui graphics - KrutosVIP
  • Add flag to exclude libxml2 - CaptainThrowback
  • Opt in to lptools - CaptainThrowback
  • Fix Gui init process - AndroiableDroid
  • Don’t wake up when screen is touched - micky387
  • Setup UTC properties to prevent timestamp errors - nilz3000
  • Use health services for battery capacity - Mohd Faraz
  • Include health services by default - AndroiableDroid
  • BLKDISCARD on partition before flashing image - me-cafebabe
  • Unmount oem and vendor partitions after being used to prevent errors - AndroiableDroid
  • Load kernel modules before decryption - AndroiableDroid
  • skip additional fstab processing from android - AndroiableDroid
  • Fix rapidxml build errors - CaptainThrowback
  • Move TWRP Board variables to vendor/soong - nebrassy
  • multiple arguments for STRINGIFY macro - nebrassy
  • enable legacy method for battery services - CaptainThrowback
  • Move Sinhala language to extra languages - CaptainThrowback
  • Add ability to load vendor kernel modules - nilz300
  • Fix recovery settings when crypto is broken on a device - faoliveira78
  • Fix timezone in terminal - sekaiacg
  • Error for missing TW_MAX_BRIGHTNESS - CaptainThrowback
  • repack support for vendor boot and recovery with a/b parititions - DarthJabba9
  • include vendor libs for AIDL haptics - CaptainThrowback
  • Unmap super devices before fastbootd - color597 & CaptainThrowback
  • Fix creation of default folder - faoliveira78
  • Use unmount2 in PartitionManager - CaptainThrowback
  • recovery settings save fix after format data - faoliveira78
  • run after formatting data - CaptainThrowback
  • Unmount vendor before flashing current TWRP ramdisk back to boot - sekaicg
  • variadic function syntax fixes - bigbiff
  • twrpRepacker ramdisk format fix - sekaiacg

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